EBC Night Info

Encore Beach Club at Night

3121 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Nightlife Call Center: 702-770-7300

Hours Of Operation:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10:30 pm to Closing

Dress Attire for Guests Strictly Enforced:

- No Baggy Clothing- No Sandals

- No Hats

- No Shorts

- No Athletic Footwear

Nightswim: No risqué or indecent swimwear is permitted; management reserves all rights to determine appropriate attire

Costume Guidelines

  • Clark County Code requires that individuals cover “private” areas, including the female breast below the top of the areola, with fully opaque covering. In addition, the Gaming Control Board requires individuals in the gaming area have their buttocks completely covered by a fully opaque covering. For the purposes of this definition, "fully opaque covering" does NOT include pasties, latex paint, or hair pieces.
  • For safety and security reasons, Guests may not wear masks or other items including but not limited to, hats, face paint or veils that cover or obscure the wearer’s face and prohibits an effective identification anywhere on property at Wynn Las Vegas or Encore Las Vegas. Guests wearing face paint may not loiter on property outside of a club venue.
  • Guests dressed as security, police or in any other law enforcement uniform will not be permitted to enter Wynn Las Vegas or Encore Las Vegas.
  • Weapons of any kind, including toy or fake, are not permitted on property at Wynn Las Vegas or Encore Las Vegas or inside any club venue.
  • Guests wearing costumes/costume makeup will not be allowed in the water.
  • Management reserves all rights to determine appropriate attire.

Encore Beach Club has a Zero Tolerance Policy. All persons and bags will be searched. The following items are prohibited:

-Weapons (any items that may be used to cause bodily harm)

-Controlled Substances

-Eye Drops/Nasal Sprays

-Gum/Mints/Breath Strips

-Outside Food, Drinks, or Liquids (this includes water bottles of any kind)


-Over the Counter Medications

-Cameras/Go Pros

-Wearable Technology (watches are permitted)

-Selfie Sticks


-Marijuana Products

-Vaporizers "Vapes"/Chewing Tobacco

-Party Props

Important: All entry is based on management's discretion. Any person who refuses to comply with any regulation governing public bathing or swimming facility or any rule of that facility must be excluded from the premises.