Get To Know: Getter

This week we're getting to know DJ, artist and music producer Getter. Wynn Nightlife had the pleasure of running a few questions by the rising star, and discovered some interesting facts about his musical style, hobbies and DJ sets at Wynn. Get To Know Getter below then stay tuned to Wynn Nightlife to get tickets for his next set here at Wynn (RESERVE).

1 - How did you come up the name Getter?

I just thought the name getter sounded cool. Doesn’t really mean anything I just like the simplicity of it.

2 - How would you describe your music to people who are unfamiliar with your style/sound?

I used to describe it as heavy and all that shit. But now it’s pretty much everything. I’m trying to expand my sound while also doing shit lie my older music but better quality. I’m making everything from rap to EDM to metal.

3 - What is the best part about being a DJ?

I hate calling myself a DJ, or an electronic dance music producer. I just like to be called a musician. But DJ'ing is definitely fun because I get to create something I love and then see how people react to it.

4 - What do you feel Wynn Nightlife offers that really gives fans a unique EDM and club experience?

Well I love working on music in my hotel room, so every time I’m in Vegas at Wynn I make new music and edits to play specifically for that night. The crowd gets a sort of a special treatment I guess.

5 - What can we expect to see/hear from you in the coming year?

So much stuff this year; new music, new YouTube stuff, maybe TV stuff. We are working on a movie actually but I can’t say anything about it. We have a rad collective called “Shred Collective” all I can say is what the name is but it’s going to be huge.

6 - What is one fact about partying in Vegas that you think everyone should know?

When you party in Vegas, pace yourself. You don’t want to be the first person in your group of friends to tap out. That being said, go harder than you ever have, but make sure you hydrate.

7 - Do you have any favorite activities to do while you're at Wynn Las Vegas?

I like to watch my friends gamble, as well as hit up The Buffet. Unlimited food dude, like I eat 'til I wanna pass out.

8 - What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?

I’m pretty boring to be honest. I like waking up, cookin’ food, playing video games, and making music. I don’t really leave my house much unless I’m going to my studio. I’m an introvert but I love it.