GET TO KNOW: Sultan + Shepard

This week we're getting to know DJ duo, artists and music producers Sultan + Shepard. Wynn Social had the pleasure of running a few questions by the pair, and discovered some interesting facts about their musical style, favorite tracks and DJ sets at Wynn. Get To Know Sultan + Shepard below then stay tuned to Wynn Social to get tickets for their next set here at Wynn (RESERVE).

1- What was the inspiration behind choosing the names Sultan + Shepard?

Sultan chose that name because when he was a little kid, he was obsessed with kings and sultans and used to dress up like them any chance he could. His mom used to tease him and call him the Sultan and so the name stuck. Shepard is Ned's last name and we thought they sounded pretty nice together!

2- How would you describe your music to people who are unfamiliar with your style/sound?

The music we create is melodic and uplifting with lots of vocals. For us, we want to feel good when we listen to music, we want to spread positive energy, and we hope that people feel good when they hear our music. When we DJ, we play a diverse mix of our own music and tunes that we are feeling at the moment. We love bringing back classics and sneaking in some of our favorite rock and hip-hop tunes too. But it's the same principle: we want people to feel good when they're around us.

3- What is the best part about being a DJ?

Traveling around the world and playing music for people is a dream. For us, just the simple pleasure of waking up in a new city and performing is really special. When we go to a new club and we see the faces of people that we've never met before singing the words to our songs or going crazy to our music, it feels really amazing and we feel really lucky and blessed to be able to do what we do.

4- What expectations do you have, and what can your fans expect from you, with your return to Wynn Nightlife?

We always loved being a part of the Wynn family because that's what it felt like. Everyone from staff, promoters, hosts, to the people in the hotel would welcome us and make us feel at home. When we came back it felt really good to be a part of such an amazing brand, a brand that people hold in the highest regard around the world. Our expectations are high only because we have the best memories of playing here and we know 100% that we won't be disappointed. Our fans can expect us to bring a lot of energy and quality music. We're premiering our new visuals which we're psyched about- we worked with a really talented team in Montreal who've done visuals for huge artists like Pharrell. And of course fans can expect our exclusive edits, bootlegs and original tunes that we're road testing that people have to come see us live in order to hear!

5- What do you feel Wynn Nightlife offers that really gives fans a unique EDM and club experience?

The properties at the Wynn are world class. The production is incredible- the CO2, lasers, and visuals create a really celebratory experience and a really great party. We've played in all of the properties and they all have a really distinct personality but the one thing that they have in common is that each one creates an environment where people want to stay. A lot of times for a nightclub, you go, check it out for a bit and then leave. But at the Wynn, people go and then stay till then end 'cause they have so much fun and the small details are always so well thought out. And that's how the hotel feels. It just makes you feel at home in a way that is unique and makes you always want to return.

6- What can we expect to see/hear from you in the coming year?

music, movies, philanthropy, etc.We have a lot of music coming out this year, including one collaboration with Nadia Ali, which is always exciting since we love Nadia and love working with her. She's like a sister to us and so making music with her is a real pleasure. We have a new song coming out every month all the way to the summer and we're really pumped for everyone to hear them! We're also songwriting for pop artists and other singers that we are really into, which is really fun, since we get to experiment with styles that we wouldn't normally do.

7- What is a Vegas fact that you both feel everyone should know?

Take a drive and go out to Red Rock Canyon National Park. It's incredibly beautiful.

8- Do you have any favorite activities to do while you're at Wynn Las Vegas?

At Wynn, we love eating- Mizumi and Andrea's are our favorites but we love the room service too! Also, the spa at Encore is really amazing. After a long night, it's the perfect activity.

9- What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?

Sultan plays basketball every day and Ned meditates every day and watches lots of soccer, especially the Premier League. We both really love design and art and spend a lot of time looking at art and architecture around LA.

10- What are the top 5 songs on your personal music playlist right now?

DJ Khaled ft. Drake “For Free”Louis The Child “Love is Alive”Offiah “Trouble”Rag N Bone Man “Human”Post Malone “Leave”